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Migrating to a static site

As you can see, if you click around my site a little, I’ve been far from a proficient blogger. In fact, I’ve been so lax, that my last flurry of posts was six (!) years ago. I decided that I needed to re-evaluate my web presence.

I didn’t want to remove my old content. While sparse, it’s still the content I chose to create, so in my mind perfectly pertinent for my site. But what I really didn’t need was a costly VPS running a fully baked LAMP stack just to host this site.

My site was powered, as many are, by WordPress. It’s very easy to use, has great plugin support and is easily themed. I was happy with it – when I (infrequently) used it. I considered migrating to one of the host of static site generators –  Jekyll, Hugo etc.  But would the effort be worth it? What was my actual need, and what was the first step?

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Adding licenses / acknowledgements to iOS Settings app

During a recent iOS development I needed to distribute a 3rd-party license agreement with my app.  Apps such as iBooks, Keynote, Facebook (and many many more) utilise the Settings app to not only display user-editable preferences, but also license agreements and acknowledgements. read more


New site (WIP)

I spent a little time last night working up a refresh of my portfolio site. It’s certainly a work-in-progress, you’ll notice I haven’t completed all of my project archive so far, but as time permits I’ll look to add more screenshots and detail to projects I’ve worked on in the past.

I’ve not only re-designed the site, but I’ve also rolled it up into a template for WordPress, so all being well I will write more on here – around topics such as Mobile Strategy, Mobile Development, iOS & Android programming and the frameworks PhoneGap and Appcelerator.

This site re-fresh makes use of HTML 5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap.

Over the coming days I will make improvements to the Responsive layouts, particularly within the Projects section and when I’m happy with it I will rebuild the site using the build process of html5bp.


Captain America Filming

Vita Ray Productions UK Ltd have started producing Captain America: The First Avenger here in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and for the next month Dale, Tariff, Back Piccadilly and Mangle Street will be turned into downtown New York.

Our are offices are right in the middle of all the action, so we decided to create a photo blog roll to documentate what was happening on set in our little corner of Manchester.

Preparation and production will be taking place between 6th September to the 3rd of October and then there will be a week where they reinstate the streets back to their original state.

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Martin Hicks


Si Novi | product studio


Angular, React / React Native, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, AWS, Serverless, PWAs, Ionic, Yii, JavaScript, MySQL, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Cordova.

I have many years experience working in Web Development (both front-end and back-end) and Mobile Apps. I specialise in making solutions that are simply intuitive, on budget and on time.

Over the past 4 years I've been specialising in producing scaleable APIs using both load-balanced EC2s and lambdas, hooked into Angular and React for browser based web apps and hybrid mobile apps.

Recently I've been enjoying learning more about PWAs and web components using StencilJS.




BSc Multimedia Computing (First-class Honours)
HND Music Production

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